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Pokok Cuan Capital is a new  prominent Indonesian investment management company. Pokok Cuan Capital has one main goal, which is excel in portfolio management and create innovative investment solutions. To be able to achieve our goals we have a team that consists of young and bright talents. Each one of them are determined  to find the proper stocks for our clients.




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On August 22, 2017, Bank Indonesia lowered the BI 7 

– Days Repo Rate 

from 4.75% to 4.50%. Due to this event the Indonesian Bank expected to make interest from the bank down and lower mortgage, that’s why we’re expecting there will be an increasing in number of people that lend from the bank and an increasein the amount of people that buy the house. After a discussion, all of us as a team decided that one of the best sectors of industries to invest today are bank and property. 

We choose PT. Pakuwon Jati Tbk (PWON), since PWON is currently doing an optimization on the recurring income for performance stability. Overall the PWON stocks are relatively safe. Technically PWON has shown a movement going up from three technical indicators. The first one from Bollinger Band, it looks like the candle had touched the lower area of the Bollinger Band area, which means the stocks of PWON will go up in the future. Still, if we take a look again from the trend line, we will see that the candle  touches the trend line. This event indicates that PWON stocks will bounce upwards. Then, if we draw Fibonacci retracement, PWON’s stock price has hit resistance at 61,8%. From these three indicators, it is shown that PWON is very good to buy at this point.

here is a pattern from Dow Jones Industrial Average that started from 1887 and lasts for 120 years. This pattern has a declined index between Augusts until November. Due to this pattern, 2017 is predicted to undergo this pattern all over again. As a team, we are very worried about the stocks we’re going to buy because of this pattern. We will choose sectors that will allow us to survive in kind of situation. That’s why the next two sectors we bought would be in the pharmaceutical industry. 

We finally choose PT. Kalbe Farma Tbk (KLBF) and PT. Industri Jamu dan Farmasi Sido Muncul (SIDO) as our final choice in investing. KLBF is doing preparation in expansion and currently preparing to increase their capacity production in generic drugs by 52%, so in 2018 they will be able to 280 million tablets. While, SIDOemerged in 1940 as a company, since then this company has always been a healthy company withDER as much as 0,07. After the bankruptcy of one of its major competitors, which is Dz Nyonya Meneerdz, SIDO’s prospect for the future is even brighter. SIDO also has a plan todo expansion to Africa and Philippine, this is because SIDO wants to raise the export from 2% to 5%. When we withdraw the FibonacciRetracement line, we will find out that KLBF is at the support level. With a price of 1715 per share, we bought 2 lots. This price has approached the 78,6% level from the Fibonacci Retracement line.  This indicates that KLBF stocks rebound to the top. Our target is to take profit when the price 1780, because that’s where the resistance line is located. SIDO is now at a very strong resistance level, which is shaped since 2016. Because of this, we believe that the price will go up. Our targeted price for SIDO is 585 because there will be a very persistence resistance line, at that level of price we will fetch our profit because we bought 6 lots of SIDO when the stock price is 496

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